Every parent wonders: "What is my baby trying to say?"
Two years is an awfully long time to wait for the answer!

How does your baby tell you what s/he wants?

They Cry!

They throw tantrums!

… and everyone is FRUSTRATED!

But There is a SOLUTION!


Communicating Families. Happy Families.

Research proves that
Babies who sign:

  • Express needs easily
  • Reduce frustration
  • Spend less time crying
  • Learn the most important lifeline skill: communication!
  • Improve language development
  • Enhance self esteem
  • Reinforce memory
  • Develop creative skills
  • Are stimulated intellectually
  • Bond with parents
  • Verbal language: Signing can clarify, for example, whether ‘baba’ means: bottle, bubble, balloon, bath or baby
  • Communicating concepts, such as pain, needing help, hungry

Toddlers who sign:

  • Less “terrible twos”
  • Don’t bite out of frustration
  • Improve IQ scores
  • Better imagination
  • Greater interest in books
  • Better spellers
  • Express emotion more productively
  • Larger vocabularies
    • Age 2 - 50 more spoken words
    • Age 3 - age 4 level
  • Learn manners at early age
  • More interactive with peers
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Communicate outside native language group
  • Facilitated 2nd language learning
  • Enhances literacy
  • Creates additional connections or synapses in the brain
  • It's fun for children, parents and educators!

Best Selling eBook

“Connect with Your Child” SignShine’s Guide

A comprehensive guide full of all the best studies, tools, games and activities compiled just for you! This is an Absolute Must Have if you are beginning to sign to your child and want to learn the best approach through years of research and proven techniques. This is also a requirement that all participants must read this guide prior to attending any face-to-face class in order to increase the effectiveness of the program. Cutting edge child development research, picture tutorials with a hands-on approach will fast-forward you and your child into a lasting bond through expressive communication with this guide!


Sing & Sign Guide (lyrics and pictorial dictionary)

Learn how to sign popular and classic children songs and rhymes with beautiful pictures. No previous sign language knowledge necessary. Simple step-by-step tutorials to teach and entertain your children and family. All of the best children songs:

  • You are My SignShine
  • Row Your Boat
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider - English and Spanish
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Old McDonald
  • If You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Clean UP
  • It’s time to Sign
  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • The ABC Song
  • Five Little Monkeys

… and there is more:

A MUST have for anyone wanting to learn to sign/communicate to babies and children. Perfect for parents, teachers, preschool and early childhood educators, parenting experts, librarians and anyone with a passion to communicate with and/or entertain babies and children. Additionally, this guide includes 12 mp3 songs that match the Sing & Sign Guide professionally recorded specifically for SignShine. Entertaining crystal-clear audio of stunning music ready to download!

Holiday Signs Guide (lyrics and pictorial dictionary)

Learn how to sign popular and classic holiday songs with beautiful pictures and simple stepby-step instructions that wonderfully compliments the Sing & Sign Guide. Additionally, this intuitive guide is packed with essential holiday signs year around that will keep your baby and family entertained. If your child and family loved the Sing & Sign Guide then they will absolutely love the Holiday Sign Guide even more!

with a special private class in your home:

Private Live SignShine with Etel at your location and your time

$130 per session

Do you live too far to join Etel’s private classes in Beverly Hills? Would you like to learn the secrets of Baby Sign Language from the expert herself? Are you a visual learner and would like to start using all the tools right away? Then enjoy Etel’s Private Session at your time, at your home. This special class is for parents, al family members, educators, therapists, and anyone who communicate with children. Etel Leit, MS is an internationally recognized leader in the field of education and visual communication. Etel is the owner and founder of SignShine®, the largest parenting and signing center for hearing children. She also counts many TV and film celebrities among her clients.

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