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Special needs children are very unique and they have their own pace in understanding and responding. Most of the special needs children are visual learners. They need to see what a word is in order to get the meaning or sense of the word.
As we all knew, Sign Language is more of a visual language and that is exact reason why Sign language helps special needs children a lot better than any other type of communication and this property of signing helps special needs children benefit a lot out of it. There are multiple scenarios in which Sign Language can be beneficial to special children.
    • Babies develop the gross motor skills needed for signing before they develop the motor skills associated with verbal skills. Sign language mobilizes the acquisition of speech by stimulating areas of brain which associates with speech and language. Many children with special needs who, experience difficulty in expressive language and verbal skills, find sign language an ideal way to output they expressions , ideas and speech.
    • Developing self respect among the children with special needs is much easier through sign language. It gives them the moral and independent support to emotionally control them and communicate with the society they live. Sign language reduces the frustration, and breaks down communication barriers for children with special needs. It helps them to communicate expressively and successfully in situations where verbal skills may not be a success.
    • Babies develop the skills of language right from their time of birth. Children with special needs often have impairments that affect the normal development in brain. Sign Language effectively jump-starts the areas of the brain, linked to speech and language development. It stimulates intellectual development and helps the child to retain information longer, because it is a supplement to speech input. Signing with your baby regardless of special needs is a wonderful way of communication idea and, it is never too late! Is yours a special need child? Want to know when to start signing? Feel free to contact SignShine® for advise and get started with signing with your child!
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