One on One Teaching Training with etel

Excited about starting your own baby signing programs, about signing with your current mommy and me groups, or about spicing up your current programs with signing? We are too!

SunShine: 3 hours†††††† SunLight:† 2 hours† SunFlower: 1 hour
We would love to shine with you more! Ask aboout Etel's avilablity

In this private sessions with etel, founder and owner of SignShine, you will get the secrets of how to start your program with Success!óno trial and errors. Etel will teach you how to start contacting clients, how to handle first phone call conversations, what to tell skeptical parents, and how to make your program attractive. You will get LIVE, personal instructions from etel!

You will also receive a guide on how to teach signing with passion and life in your business and how to make your programs interesting, fun, and collaborative. Have you ever been in a class that was boring and monotonousness? Not with SignShine! Etel will teach you, from her extensive experience, how to make any program alive, interesting, and how to get each participants. Etelís specialty in training thousands of instructors is in her magic- making your classFUN, ATTRACTIVE and ENGAGING. Etel will give you all tools and tricks to how to make your programs SHINE!