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In addition to being the founder and Owner of signshine, Etel is a widelysought-out professional speaker at many conferences, workshops, and events all across the world. Etel draws from her own personal experience as a mother of two children and from her 19 years of experience in research on sign language and parenting.
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  • "Etel is a phenomenal teacher. She inspires parents to sign and makes learning and using sign language easy! Definitely fun and informative, Etel’s SignShine classes allow earlier communication between parent and child, which makes for happy families."
    Dr. Jenn Berman,
    ~Author and Host of "The Love and Sex Show
    with Dr. Jenn" on SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio
  • “Etel…has a ton of energy, creative ideas, and a fabulous way of communicating that really makes you feel like you, too, can do it! She inspires and motivates, and always with a smile."
    Anothony Harris,
    ~CEO Power Studio
  • "We recently had Etel Leit from SignShine give a presentation about Baby Sign Language at our branch. What a phenomenal program! Etel had a very relaxed and easy charm. The kids loved her songs.I usually have a good-sized crowd for storytimes at the branch, but this was really a full house.”
    Madigan McGillicuddy
    ~Children Librarian Brentwood Library
  • "I have been working with the SignShine curriculum and etel for nearly two years. Imagine working with someone who is as passionate as you about children, teaching and sign language as yourself, and you have etel!"
    Manette McDermott, PhD,
    ~Manhattan Beach, CA