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"The best thing about being certified by SignShine® is the connection to greatness; the SignShine® family is an intelligent, compassionate, and loving group of people who agree that communication is the key.[more]

~ Mara BS, New Mexico

"The best thing about being a SignShine® Certified instructor is that it gives you credibility in a world where credentials are rare. It means you have achieved a level of expertise that not only is recognized but respected by clients, other instructors and professionals. The thing I loved most about the curriculum is that it allowed you to be who you are as a person and educator and it was adaptable. [more]

~ Danielle Hogle, Oregon

"SignShine's curriculum is easy to follow and allows for an instructor to put their own personal flair into each classes needs and interests. Signing classes positively bridges a parent and child's communication and play skills. SignShine® classes are filled with fun"!

~ Andrea Taylor, Chicago, IL

"I have been working with the SignShine® curriculum and etel for nearly two years. Imagine working with someone who is as passionate as you about children, teaching and sign language as yourself, and you have etel! She is such a wonderful inspiration in every way. She has developed a curriculum that is easy to follow, wonderful for both children and parents, incorporates fun songs and games, and allows for the addition of your own creativity and imagination.[more]

~ Manette McDermott, PhD, Manhattan Beach, CA

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