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Why Become Part of the SignShine Team?
 Do you have a special desire to enhance the parent-child relationship?
 Do you have a special enthusiasm about non-verbal, expressive communication?
 Are you familiar with Sign Language and its possibilities?
 Do you want to make a difference in a family's life?
SignShine® vs. Other Baby Sign Language Programs
We take pride in our unique approach--it's not JUST a Signing class! Signs can easily be learned from books and DVD's, but we at SignShine® specialize in integrating signing with parenting. Our focus is communication! Not only will you learn to teach practical ASL signs and engage in interactive games, songs and storytelling, but we will also help you better your parenting skills. Through Baby Sign Language, you will introduce useful parenting tools: how to establish a bedtime routine, create a meaningful playtime experience, feed fussy eaters and more. It's not just signing--it's smart parenting, and it starts with SignShine®!
  • Do something you truly love.
  • Empower healthy communication between family members, the community, and more! Make money while having fun.
  • Take the opportunity to grow professionally and network within your community.
  • Make an impact on parent-child relationships.
  • Enrich your existing program.
  • Receive Full-time and Part-time income: YOU decide how much to work and how much to make (The Sky is the Limit!).
  • Enjoy cutting edge Green Handouts from SignShine® for each family/participant.
  • Easy to implement program (curriculum, forms, phone call/email guides, etc. included) – START NOW!
SignShine®’s Instructor Curriculum has been formatted to be as user-friendly as possible. The packed, easy to use, and organized curriculum contains detailed step-by-step lesson plans, complete with the materials you will need for each lesson, songs, a detailed explanation of each assignment, and other supplemental materials. You will receive a comprehensive 10-week ‘How to guide your classroom’ curriculum and your own customized Instructor webpage to help bring your business and classes together. We also provide you with a cheat sheet summarizing each lesson plan that can be easily printed out and brought to your class for quick reference to ensure your success.
  • Teachers
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Childcare Center Directors
  • Babies/Children/Parenting Program Facilitators
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Therapists / Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Parenting Experts
  • Librarians
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