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  • "The best thing about being certified by SignShine® is the connection to greatness; the SignShine® family is an intelligent, compassionate, and ...[more]
    -Mara BS,
    New Mexico
  • "The best thing about being a SignShine® Certified instructor is that it gives you credibility in a world where credentials are rare. It means you ...[more]
    -Danielle Hogle,
  • "SignShine's curriculum is easy to follow and allows for an instructor to put their own personal flair into each classes needs and interests...[more]
    -Andrea Taylor,
    Chicago, IL
  • ""I have been working with the SignShine® curriculum and etel for nearly two years. Imagine working with someone who is as passionate as you about...[more]
    -Manette McDermott,
    Manhattan Beach