Every parent wonders: "What is my baby trying to say?"
Two years is an awfully long time to wait for the answer!
Baby Signing is easy. What if your baby could tell you exactly what she's thinking?
What if she could tell you that she's wet or hungry? Wouldn't it be wonderful to
understand your baby's needs and for your baby to be understood?
It's possible, today, right now, with Baby Sign Language.
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It's time to shine!
SignShine Studio is a unique, dynamic, and creative center located in Beverly Hills. Established in 2005 by Etel Leit, SignShine specializes in communication, movement, music, empowerment, sign language, and other spoke languages. We believe that learning and bonding happens with stimulation, and unconditional love. SignShine's educating, entertaining and out of the box classes are designed for babies, children, pre-teens, parents and other professionals.
Are you ready to put the power of communication into your hands?
Halloween Signs
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SignShine Class
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