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Signing Family Privates

Can't find the perfect timing for a group class? Prefer to have a private time? Let SignShine design a unique class especially for you (and your family), based on your specific needs and interests.
We'll provide materials, music, books, puppets, toys, bubbles and much more. You will learn practical tools to stimulate baby's brain and to enjoy a positive communication with your child. 

  • Baby Sign Language
  • Reading Readiness for Toddlers
  • Signing with Preteens and Teens
  • ASL for Kids
  • ASL for adults

Our spots are very limited. Please allow time for scheduling and email us with prefered days and interest.

Class Details
Family Private with Etel [10 miles from Studio]:
$300 for 1 with Etel Session
$1200 for 4 with Etel Sessions
$3000 for 10 with Etel Sessions
Family Private with Etel [Studio]:
$175 for private with Etel, 1 Session
$600 for private with Etel, 4 Session
$1250 for private with Etel, 10 Session
Skype Private with Etel
Teacher: Etel
$175 for with Etel, 1 Session
$298 for with Etel, 2 Session (Save: $52)
$547 for with Etel, 4 Session (Save: $153)

Private Consultation

If you reached this page, I know there is a reason for it, even if you can’t “see” it right now. I believe things don’t happen “just because”, there is a hidden reason behind things. Do you have this goal, dream or desire with a buzzing quite but loud voice that constantly tells you it is too complicated, too expensive or too [fill in the blank] to tap into? We all do. There are many quotes and stories about people who make it happen. You can be one of them (yes, you, I am talking to you)!  If you truly open and listen, you will discover your truth. I am here to give you my own-very-easy-to-implement secrets, tools, guidance and confidence to succeed in living the life you love, unconditionally. One warning: it will happen immediately.


Class Details
Private Consulting (Studio or Skype)
$195 for 2 consulations, 30 min Sessions
$395 for 5 consultations of 30 min Sessions
$695 for 10 consultations of 30 min Sessions

Behavioral Consultation
  • Do you find yourself saying NO! and STOP! to your child more often than you would like?
  • Do you
  • Do you feel your child cannot play individually or with other kids without your constant attention?
  • Do you feel frustrated sometimes with your parenting skills?

Etel Leit will guide your family and your child in how to encourage your child’s developmental capacities and work on challenging areas. You will learn and practice the best, engaging and practical tools and tricks to put the parent-child relationship in your hands, turning your experience with your child into a positive experience. We will engage in interesting emotional, behavioral and physical developmental stages, and learn the latest research with innovative activities, games, music, movement, sign language, puppets, bubbles, and books! You and your child will feel closer

Class Details
Shine Together: The Child-Parent Relationship
$175 for private with Etel, 1 Session
$600 for private with Etel, 4 Session
$1250 for private with Etel, 10 Session

Group Privates & Semi Privates

Busy schedule as a mom? Craving baby time and beneficial classes? Why not have a SignShine® Semi Private Baby Signing at your home with a friend? Let SignShine® teach you various signs that are important to your little one. Communication is important during these busy times.
Semi Privates =  Cooridnate 2 Families, price per family, 4 or 8 sessions. 
Group Privates = Cooridnate minimum of 5 families, price per family, 8 sessions.

Class Details
Group Private: Price Per Family - 8 sessions - (coordinate minimum 5 families)
$320 for with Etel, 8 Session
$450 for at your location, 8 Session
Semi Private (Coordinate 2 Families)
$300 for with Etel, 4 Session
$380 for at your location, 4 Session
$560 for with Etel, 8 Session (Save: $40)
$720 for at your location, 8 Session (Save: $40)

Host SignShine Workshop/ Event

Do you want to bring something interesting, educational and entertaining to your parent's group or to your Mommy & Me Group? Want to plan an interesting get-together? Introduce sign language at playgroups, baby showers, preschool workshops, Mommy and Me gatherings; the possibilities are endless. We will bring the SignShine to your event!  You will learn basic practical signs, review the amazing benefits of signing, sing and sign your favorite songs, play fun games and educational activities to stimulate baby or toddler's brain and enjoy a great time together. Please email us two preferred dates with the location of your choice to info@SignShine.com . Traveling fees are based on location. Let the Sign Shine!

Class Details
Host Baby Signing Presentaion
$300 Per Hour

Signing with Children with Special Needs

Sign language provides numerous social, emotional, cognitive and communicative benefits for children with autism, such as: stimulation of speech and language development, reduction of negative social behaviors, and an increase in social interaction.  Additionally, sign language provides a way for children with autism to express themselves, as well as help develop cognitive structures. Sign language is a wonderful tool for parents, educators and families of children with special needs.

Class Details
Family Private Package: at the Studio
$175 for private with Etel, 1 Session Session
$600 for private with etel, 4 Session Session (Save: $100)
$1500 for private with Etel, 10 Session Session (Save: $250)
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