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In addition to being the Founder and Owner of SignShine, Etel is a widely sought-out professional speaker at many conferences, workshops, and events all across the world. Etel draws from her own personal experience as a mother of two children and from her 19 years of experience in research on sign language and parenting. Her vast knowledge of the subjects, coupled with her unmatched passion, allows her to stand out as a truly inspirational speaker.

As an expert in field of sign language and parenting skills, Etel has presented to thousands of parents, educators, and professionals. She regularly speaks to both small and large groups on a number of topics including techniques for sign language and successful parenting. Her informative and engaging talks use case studies, research, and personal stories to interact with and inspire her audience into empowering themselves and their programs with the use of sign language.

Etel’s television appearances include features by NBC Brian Williams Evening News, KTLA Morning Show and Fox 11 Morning News. Etel also regularly publishes articles in professional newsletters, and her work has been profiled by several periodicals and online news agencies, including CNN.com and Yahoo.com. She is an expert contributor on parenting websites, including OpposingViews.com, and is a sign language and special needs expert on SpecialEducationAdvisor.com.

Etel is also the developer of the only Sign and Shine iPhone app as well as the author of SignShine’s curriculum and numerous teaching materials, which she uses in her highly demanded training and consulting.
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